Strategic Intervention Coaching is the new standard for professional communication, understanding, and helping of people. Whether you're a life coach, a helping professional, or simply seeking to communicate with and help people on the highest possible level, you're about to offer a whole new way to create value for anyone you meet. We train people in advanced strategies for resolving the whole range of human challenges in a way that redefines problems so that they can be solved and that leads to greater growth, contribution, and common good. A Strategic Intervention Coach navigates a variety of scenarios ranging from individual problems to those of the couple, the family, the peer group, the organization, and the larger social system. Strategic Intervention Coaching is open-ended: by using our principles you can strengthen your professional skills, whatever they may be. We have students from a variety of industries and backgrounds applying SI to their workplace and careers. Bottom line: our students become skilled at working with human beings to produce positive change on every level.

Strategic Intervention (SI) and NLP/Neurolinguistic Programming

NLP and SI Coaching share the same origin in the theoretical work of Gregory Bateson and the pioneering interventions of Milton Erickson. Where Neurolinguistic Programming came to focus on the neurolinguistic structures within the individual, the Strategic Approach focuses on the interactivity in relationships and the context of the person in their social group and in their life. We believe in the importance of understanding a person's relationships, stage in life, cultural influences, and beliefs before they can be transformed by means of a skillfully planned strategy. In SI we might give a client a strategy to carry out at home that will solve problems by transforming multiple relationships and therefore creating new opportunities. For this reason, a SI coach can walk into any situation with any number of participants and create interactive change that shifts the patterns of numerous individuals at once.

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Strategic Intervention (SI) Coach Training

Robbins-Madanes Training offers a coaching certification in the Strategic Approach. Our training consists of three parts 1) video case studies of real-life interventions by Tony Robbins with actual individuals, filmed and expertly narrated step by step for your understanding. These films offer an unprecedented insight into real-time human transformation, as you'll see a variety of people dealing with serious human problems - divorce, bankruptcy, depression - and how these problems can be turned around in under 90 minutes. The second part of the training consists of live phone-based teleclasses with the course founders in which we present innovative strategies for creating change for a variety of presenting problems, as well as interaction with students. The third part consists of a vibrant coaching community and series of practice coaching exercises that instill SI skills in each student. The result? You get a "coaching instinct" from this training that exceeds any training that focuses on "book learning."

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Strategic Intervention (SI) and Business Life Coaching

Strategic Intervention is an open-ended system, meaning that its principles can be applied successfully to nearly any specific practice. Business coaches gain great insight into how to shift interpersonal dynamics and hierarchical structures in organizations - as well as the triangle conflicts and dilemmas that often develop between executives, managers, and employees. Numerous management professionals, consultants, and Human Resources professionals are developing a much greater effectiveness at creating change in the workplace by using Strategic Intervention.

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Strategic Intervention (SI) and Hypnotherapy

The field of hypnosis was forever transformed by the work of Milton Erickson, who demonstrated how in the midst of an ordinary conversation individuals can be guided to profoundly therapeutic states where new solutions become possible. Strategic Intervention develops this hypnotic tradition, where clients are guided to more resourceful "solution states" by direct or indirect means. Where SI really contributes to the hypnotherapy tradition is in integrating hypnosis tools with the greater context of the person's life, relationships, and goals.

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Strategic Intervention and Health

We have hundreds of students employing SI to strengthen their practice as physicians, chiropractors, dentists, medical assistants, nurses, physical therapists, massage therapists, EFT and tapping specialists, and many others. All of these professions share a need - how to help the individual with their physical well-being when so often there are non-physiological issues at stake - whether these be emotions, belief systems, habits, or relationships. SI coaching trains health professionals and bodyworkers on how to quickly understand the whole person and help them through simple and effective conversational strategies that can take place anywhere - whether the clinic, or the waiting room, the hospital hallway, or your local Starbucks.

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